Best Trees to Grow in Your Backyard


Tulip Tree Nature ยท Free photo on PixabayTrees add the much-needed shade, color, privacy and value to your backyard. But when choosing trees for your backyard, you have to make an informed decision. Some trees grow to be more and more beautiful from one generation to another. Others have a dropping messy fruit with bothersome sticks. You should take your time to select the trees that offer the best combination of the qualities you enjoy.

When choosing trees to grow, there is a couple of factors that should guide you. Every type of grown tree has factors that make it suitable for a specific landscape use. Each tree equally has specific requirements that are critical for its survival. There are also aspects to do with soil types and weather. All these, plus many other factors, should be the guiding factors on the type of trees to go for.

We have compiled our list of best trees that you can easily add to your backyard to produce incredibly awesome looks.


A dogwood tree brings a lot of beauty and interest to your backyard, all year long. The tree flowers during the spring in a profusion of pink, white and red blossoms, and then features a compact and lush canopy of foliage in the summer. Most varieties of dogwood display a red foliage during the fall season before dropping leaves to show off gaining some attractive branching in the winter. There is a variety for almost any zone in the United States that make the dogwood among the most common flowering trees in the United States.

Tulip Tree

The tulip tree is well known as having both the duty as a shade tree and as an ornamental tree. It heavily bursts with tulip-shaped flowers in the springtime and boasts of awesome yellow leaves in the fall. It is a fast-growing hardwood that can grow more than two feet in a year. The tulip tree makes an ideal choice for backyards throughout the country, provided those interested in it can handle its height.

American Holly

American hollyIf you are looking to have an evergreen privacy for your yard and equally enhance your property with an awesome ornamental stunner, then there is no doubt about going for American holly. The small white springtime blooms give firth red berries in the fall, which remains throughout the winter. The American holly tree attracts both visual interest and a food for wildlife, making it attract birds and other creatures to your yard.

Sugar Maple

If you are seeking to add fall interest and color to your backyard, then sugar maple is an awesome selection. It grows up to 75 feet tall, boasting of a spreading canopy with a vibrant and stunning display in autumn. The sugar maple is considered both as a shade and ornamental tree, making it one of America’s favorite trees for the backyard.

Green Giant Arborvitae

The green giant arborvitae is well known for adding backyard privacy especially between houses and backyards in a housing setup with subdivisions. This tree has become a popular privacy choice for a couple of reasons. It is a fast-growing evergreen that is hardy and tolerates almost any soil. It also has some beautiful conical shape.




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