How to Build a Complete Financial Portfolio

investingMost of us have a dream about life. Where you want to live, the car you want to drive, the clothes you want to drive and so on. However, have you stopped to calculate what it will cost you to achieve all those? What do you need? It is a tech business, online business, towing business, investing in bonds and stocks, real estate, name them. It takes more that time spend on a mere piece of paper with a pen, to craft a well-rounded investment portfolio to follow.

We have come up with a step of actions that need to be followed to build a complete financial portfolio. You need to have a fully funded retirement accounts, you must be debt free, have emergency cash that can last you for at least six months, and have diversified investments across numerous asset classes. Additionally, you need to invest in yourself.

Have a Plan

Before you can begin building a complete financial portfolio, you need to make a list of everything you own and what you need to achieve. You also need to make a list of everything you owe. You have to be brutally honest with yourself when making such a list. The key to having a life changing moment in your life lies in first realizing your current financial position. Spend some critical time in understanding your net worth as this is the first step towards financial stability.

Assess your Risk

While building your portfolio, you need to assess your risk tolerance by evaluating your investment profile. You can be conservative (where you seek lower investment risk) or be aggressive, where you are able to tolerate greater investment risk. The good news with higher-risk investments is that they have a potential for higher returns but equally have a greater potential for losses.

Consider Asset Allocation

For each investment you make, you must choose as an investor, what profile you belong to. The percentage of a complete investment is determined by bonds, stocks and cash. Asset allocation is an important strategy that helps you in balancing portfolio risks and rewards.

Choose the Right Investment

You need to take time and decide on what you really want to invest in. First, you have to consider how long you can invest. This means you have to have an investment plan. For any investment you make, ensure you go both short and long term. Another key issue you have to look upon is diversification. The basic rule of investment is that for you to have a better return for your investments, you have to accept more risk.


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